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Since 2019, Fenchell firm has specialized in the activation and reactivation of seller accounts on European Marketplaces. Our lawyers take care of company formation and opening bank accounts for our clients in Europe.

At the same time, our expert account managers dedicate themselves to registering on Marketplaces or unlocking them, particularly through the drafting of Plans of action and direct exchanges with Marketplace managers, with whom we have maintained professional relationships since the beginning.


Our experience has shown us that the product sold is ultimately very secondary in the success of an e-commerce merchant. On the contrary, we are convinced that success lies in the fundamental equation:


Company + Bank accounts + Seller accounts

That is why we closely follow regulatory developments by collaborating directly with the Marketplaces and their managers, to teach sellers everything they need to know to be approved by the E-commerce platforms, and how to, in fact, dominate the competition. As privileged intermediaries, our proximity to both Marketplaces and sellers gives us a unique understanding of each party’s aspirations. Our position allows us to facilitate mutual understanding, acting as a true catalyst for fruitful collaborations.

The Marketplaces thank us for the seller profiles we submit to them, and the sellers are grateful to us for being able to sell sustainably to several million additional customers with each activation. Therefore, we will continue to strengthen our bonds with the Marketplaces we have the trust of, and with our clients from around the world, a daily source of valuable lessons.



Our Services:



Business Services



We register companies in the state of Wyoming, as well as a bank account and a bank card.

This allows our customers to avoid up to 100% income tax.

Bulgarian OOD Company

Our offer is unique in the world.

We register companies in Bulgaria, as well as several bank accounts and bank cards.

This enables our customers to avoid up to 100% tax on profits.

We also offer a Nominee-Director service, enabling total anonymity even on bank accounts in certain cases, at our customers’ request.


Ecommerce Services

Plans of Action –

A Plan of action is a PDF document resulting from an in-depth expertise, enabling the reactivation of a sales account.
We write Plans of Action for different platforms, we take all types of cases, and we refund up to 100% if our attempts fail.

We are the leading provider of Amazon and Cdiscount Plan of Action in the French-speaking world.

Amazon Plan of Action
Cdiscount Plan of Action


Seller-Accounts Creation Service

With the documents our customers provide, we register their seller account for them on the Marketplace of their choice.
In the event of failure, we provide a 100% refund.

Account Opening for Amazon


NNN Commercial Contracts

Chinese NNN Agreement (Non-Disclosure | Non-Use | Non-Circumvention)

With the information provided by our clients, we draft NNN commercial contracts under Chinese law, enabling them and their Chinese suppliers to agree upon the terms of their collaboration and protect their respective businesses. The contract is available in Chinese and English, with an optional addition of another language.


SP-API Access (Restricted Roles)

Accessing the Amazon Developer Profile for sellers can be very challenging. Amazon requires the completion of a particularly complex form.

Our firm provides all the necessary answers tailored to the client’s profile, and in the event of failure, we offer a 100% refund.

To date, we are the only ones in the market offering this service.

Amazon Developer Profile Access



We offer consulting services through various internal and external consultants at our firm.
Offshore – Taxes – Sourcing – Negociation – Contract – Logistic

We cater to businesses of all sizes.



SMS Services

We offer the cheapest SMS services in the French market.
Pure routing or with the option of renting an “Optin” database with tens of millions of mobile numbers.
(Product page in French only – English page coming soon!)

Geolocated Pro SMS + Contact Base