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    The suspension of your seller account often means a complete halt to your business activity.


    Amazon requires an Plan of action, which can be a complex challenge.


    A Plan of action is an exhaustive document spanning several dozen pages, including detailed strategies, legal references, citations of Amazon’s rules, as well as invoices and brand authorization letters, among others.


    Our value-added does not solely reside in our technical expertise; our clients particularly value our empathy and ongoing support. We offer you attentive listening and constant support throughout this ordeal, treating all shared information with the strictest confidentiality and utmost respect. We understand the importance of your seller account to you, at this moment.
    That’s why our team is immediately available via Chat at the bottom left of your screen to start reviewing your account for free.


    The suspensions imposed by Amazon aim to test the resilience and reliability of sellers, through the solidity of their arguments, thereby proving their worthiness to sell on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.


    We have connections with account managers at Amazon,
    It’s time to show them that you’re up to the job…
    And at Fenchell, we know exactly what they want to hear.



    +450 Accounts activated/reactivated

    95% of our Customers get their account back




    Our 6 commitments for your Amazon Plan of Action:

    Free exam of your case
    48 Hours
    48H delivery
    Money Back

    Reinstated or Refunded

    2 months follow-up
    Organization Structure
    Escalation of your case to Amazon Managers
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    - FAQ -


    Plan d'Action Amazon (en)

    An Amazon Plan of Action is a document required for the reactivation of a seller account or a product listing following a suspension by Amazon.


    This document, written in English, allows the seller to identify and admit the mistakes made on the Amazon platform, while presenting the corrective measures they commit to implementing to avoid repeating these mistakes.


    Therefore, if the Action Plan is deemed satisfactory by Amazon, they will proceed with the reactivation of the concerned account or product listing.

    1. Review Process (30 minutes):

    After receiving your form, we will immediately call you to jointly examine five key aspects:


    – Company Profile:
    Type of business, type of bank account, type of bank card used, domicile, bills, connections (IP, phone).

    – Seller Account:
    Interactions with Amazon, account health, complaints, various infractions or violations.

    – Suppliers and contracts.

    – Products and inventory management.

    – Sales or activity history on Amazon.


    1. Examination Outcome:

    Once the review is completed, we make you an offer, specifying the errors and omissions identified during our discussion.


    1. Pricing:

    Our base rate is €195 and includes a personalized action plan with a correction. Each additional correction is charged €100. Thus, any error requiring our intervention will be charged an additional €100 on top of the base rate.

    You will not be overcharged, our pricing system is designed to remain proportional to the number of corrections we need to make.


    1. What is a correction?

    A correction may involve rectifying or completing an erroneous element of your profile or situation. It can take various forms, such as advice, a referral to a partner (bank, lawyer, etc.), or the addition of content to the action plan. For example, if an “unauthorized sale on Amazon” is detected, and falsified documents are also identified on your account, this would constitute an additional correction, bringing the total cost of our service to €295 (advice, follow-up, and personalized action plan included).


    1. Duration of the activation or reactivation process:

    Our support is unlimited in time. We remain at your disposal until the activation or reactivation of your seller account or product listing on Amazon. Although Amazon may sometimes take several months to activate or reactivate an account or listing, the process usually takes less than two weeks.

    The ultimate goal of our service is to ensure that your seller account and its products, as well as your business, are impeccable, so that Amazon has no valid reason to leave your account suspended, or to re-suspend it in the future.

    Amazon can suspend a seller account or a product listing for non-compliance with platform rules, whether this violation is proven or merely suspected.


    Even if you think you have done nothing wrong, let us review your seller account and business profile by completing our form further up the page. (And it’s free).

    The Amazon Plan of Action functions as a self-assessment, a self-critique, where the seller presents to Amazon a revised strategy.


    This exercise aims to restore the platform’s trust, thus allowing the seller to reconnect with their sales. The ultimate goal sought is therefore to restore trust, by proving that the seller has indeed professionalized.


    It also serves to prove to Amazon that the seller masters the rules of the platform, as well as the laws and standards applicable to the products they offer.

    The drafting of an Amazon Plan of Action is a structured process consisting of three main parts.


    This document must be written in English and requires a thorough mastery of Amazon’s rules, applicable laws, as well as an accurate and honest assessment of the mistakes made by the seller.


    It is important to note that Amazon often only points out a single error by the seller, although multiple offenses may actually be attributed to them.


    A seller engages in Dropshipping without an official contract with their supplier and displays unsatisfactory delivery performance on Amazon.

    Amazon could suspend the seller’s account for a single reason, although two distinct issues exist:

    – An issue related to Dropshipping.
    – An issue regarding delivery performance.


    In the Plan of Action intended for Amazon, it is crucial to acknowledge and address all committed faults, without exception. Otherwise, the plan will be deemed insufficient, and the seller’s account will remain suspended.

    The types of cases we handle for Amazon Plans of Action are:


    Shipping issues
    Activation issues
    Multiple accounts
    Suspended Listing
    Performance issues
    Intellectual property infringement
    Unfunded or inactive bank card


    The templates available for you to write your own Plan of Action are regularly updated, and their number increases as we receive requests from our clients.

    We intervene with discernment and rigor, aiming to maximize your chances of success.


    If you fully fulfill our recommendations, submit the Plan of Action we have devised without making any modifications, and despite your attempts to contact Amazon, the situation does not improve within 60 days, we commit to processing a full refund.

    Depending on your situation, and we will inform you during the review, we may propose a refund of up to 50%.


    Please note that we may require proof of your efforts with Amazon. If, after seeking our help, Amazon decides to ban your account without you having had the opportunity to submit your Plan of Action, we will not be able to refund you. For more details on this, we invite you to consult our Terms and Conditions to fully understand the commitments you make and those we undertake.


    It is important to underline that even if you follow all the procedures, Amazon reserves the right not to reactivate your account or product listing, without any obligation to provide justification. This provision is clearly stated in their terms of use, which all sellers agree to by creating their account.


    Keep in mind that the number of attempts to unblock your account or listing is limited. Over time, Amazon may stop responding to your inquiries and leave your account inactive.
    Therefore, we advise against trying to resolve this situation on your own or resorting to unreliable services.

    Unlike our customized Plans of action, our Templates will not be eligible for a refund after download, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, regardless of the reason invoked.

    Yes, and you also have the freedom to refuse.


    After submitting our form for free, you will receive within 24 hours – and often faster – our assessment of your chances of success.


    You can then choose to proceed with the purchase of a Fenchell Amazon Plan of Action. Some very specific cases, such as listing blocks in the United Arab Emirates or counterfeit drug cases, may require the expertise of lawyers specialized in these areas.

    In these situations, we will redirect you to competent specialists, as our primary goal is to assist you.


    Regarding our Templates, we accept all clients.