About Fenchell


The Fenchell Firm, Solutions that transform Ecommerce Businesses into Market Leaders.

From legal structuring, marketpalces, to the economic model, all our services are complementary and essential for Optimizing and Succeeding in your online business.

We provide comprehensive support to Companies from the account opening to the account closure for sellers, including reactivation in case of suspension.

The seller account is the foundation of all activities on a marketplace; without a valid account, it is impossible to sell on a platform.

We also offer services in Chemical Analysis, SMS advertising, as well as legal services necessary for online activities: NNN Commercial Contracts, Lightweight Tax-Friendly Company Registrations with associated bank accounts.




Our Services:



Business Services


U.S. LLC company in Delaware

We register companies in the state of DELAWARE, along with a bank account accompanied by a debit card.

This allows for 0% tax payments.

Bulgarian OOD Company

Our offer is unique worldwide.

We register companies in Bulgaria, along with multiple bank accounts accompanied by debit cards.

This allows for a 10% tax rate. We also provide a Nominee Director, ensuring complete anonymity even on bank accounts.


Ecommerce Services

Plans of Action –

A Paln of Action is a PDF document resulting from in-depth expertise, enabling the reactivation of a seller account. We write Plans of Action for various platforms, handling all types of cases, and we offer a 100% refund in case our attempts fail.

We are the world’s number one provider of CDISCOUNT Action Plans.

Amazon Plan of Action
Cdiscount Plan of Action


Seller-account creation Guideline 

The Guidelines are PDF mini-courses that provide detailed prerequisites for opening a seller account on a Marketplace.

Amazon Seller-Account Guideline
Cdiscount Seller-Account Guideline


Seller-Accounts Creation Service

With the documents our clients provide us, we register their seller account on the marketplace of their choice.
We offer a 90% refund in case of failure.

Account Opening for Amazon
Account Opening for Cdiscount


NNN Commercial Contracts

Chinese NNN Agreement (Non-Disclosure | Non-Use | Non-Circumvention)

With the information provided by our clients, we draft NNN commercial contracts under Chinese law, enabling them and their Chinese suppliers to agree upon the terms of their collaboration and protect their respective businesses. The contract is available in Chinese and English, with an optional addition of another language.


SP-API Access

Accessing the Amazon Developer Profile for sellers can be very challenging. Amazon requires the completion of a particularly complex form.

Our firm provides all the necessary answers tailored to the client’s profile, and in the event of failure, we offer a 90% refund.

To date, we are the only ones in the market offering this service.

Amazon Developer Profile Access



We offer consulting services through various internal and external consultants at our firm.
Offshore – Taxes – Sourcing – Negociation – Contract – Logistic

We cater to businesses of all sizes.


Material Analysis

Our partner laboratory in Bulgaria specializes in analyzing Glass, Metal, Plastic, Liquids, and Creams to break them down and identify their components, ultimately determining the name of the material(s) used. This enables us to replicate all or part of a competitor’s product and even exceed its quality.

This technique is also known as “Reverse Engineering”.

Material Analysis


WEB Services

We create E-commerce or Showcase websites that enable businesses to apply for loans from banks or marketplaces.

An effective website is increasingly required to demonstrate the credibility of a business.

WebSite Creation Service


SMS Services

We offer the cheapest SMS services in the French market.
Pure routing or with the option of renting an “Optin” database with tens of millions of mobile numbers.
(Product page in French only – English page coming soon!)

Geolocated Pro SMS + Contact Base