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    Our team, composed of former Amazon employees and lawyers, provides you with all its expertise through the creation of accounts on the Marketplaces, the drafting of Plan of Action and NNN Commercial Contracts, the registration of offshore companies and obtaining “Amazon Developer Profile Access – Restricted Roles” on Amazon MWS (Amazon Marketplace Web Service).




    Get your restricted roles
    on your Amazon Developer Profile :


    ✅ Direct to Consumer Delivery

    ✅ Tax Invoicing

    ✅ Tax Remittance




    Our 6 commitments
    for your ” Amazon Developer Profile ” form :

    Each Form comes with our Personalized Advices

    Form delivered < 48 hours (Review of your profile + Writing + Sending)

    Access obtained or 90% refunded

    Follow-up over 2 months + 3x attempts included in case of refusal

    Escalation of the case : Privileged contact with Amazon managers

    Team reachable 24/7 via chat





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    Developer Profile Access to Restricted Roles is a specific access to extended functionality and customer data from an Amazon seller account.


    There are 3 restricted accesses that require you to fill out 36 questions:

    Direct to Consumer Delivery, Tax Invoicing, and Tax Remittance.


    These accesses require the completion of fields, detailing your security and commercial policies.

    We act like lawyers, with discernment and rigor, in order to maximize your chances of success.


    If you follow all of our recommendations, send us the form without modification, and after trying to contact Amazon the situation does not change within 30 days, we will refund 90% of your money, regardless of your case.


    Note that we may ask you for proof of your attempts to contact Amazon.


    Please note that even if you have done everything right, Amazon has the right to not activate your developer access and restricted roles, without justification, as stated in their rules that all sellers agree to when creating their accounts.