Open your 0% tax U.S. company

Remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Fenchell takes care of
everything for you:

We register your U.S. LLC company in Delaware;
Open a business bank account for you;
Send you your Business Bank Card;
Handle your annual tax return.

 American LLC Benefits 

Taxation :

0% tax on profits

0% on dividends


Anonymity :

Fenchell hides your name in the public corporate registry


 United States will not share information about you and your Company



Versatility :

Sell Products
or Services


Use your U.S. LLC as an Operating Company or as a Holding Company



No accounting :

No regular records required
No audits required


Fenchell makes your
one-time annual return


Marketplaces open their doors to your LLC

Amazon, Cdiscount, Stripe, Facebook, Walmart, Emag, Aliexpress …

offshore delaware company llc 0%

  Expand your Business 

 LLC in DELAWARE can be used in 2 ways 

  • As an “Operating Company

– Sell directly through a Marketplace, invoice customers, pay suppliers, import goods, etc…

  • As a “Holding Company

– Thanks to the anonymity conferred by your LLC, you can invoice another company using various invoices (for example, council invoices) to increase the profits generated in your LLC, thereby reducing the tax liability to 0%.

5 Advantages of opening a U.S. Company with Fenchell

  1. All procedures are conducted online
  2. 0% tax on your company’s profits
  3. The bank account and bank card can be used anywhere
  4. Comes with real company invoices, necessary to open accounts on marketplaces
  5. Annual statement included

Fenchell’s Offer 

DELAWARE Company Creation PACK :

Company fenchell

LLC Registration +
Tax Number and Address regsitration
manager nominee fenchell

(Your name is not disclosed in public records)
bank fenchell
Bank account registration +
Bank Card in your company name

1350 euros



maintenance fee:

85 euros*

(12 months commitment, renewed at your request)



*The monthly maintenance includes :

  • Annual Activity Declaration (Fax to IRS)
  • Address rental and mail management
  • 24/7 support from our dedicated team

Options –

  • Real invoices of domiciliation of your LLC : 155 euros / month

    + 400 euros deposit (returned at the end of the contract)

    + 290 euros installation fees

  • Website (to prove a real activity to banks or Marketplaces) : 600 euros

How to Order your U.S Company –

Step 1

Send us all the documents requested in this list : LINK


Step 2

We prepare the Mandate and your Contract


Step 3

After payment verification, we register your address, company, tax number, and bank account


Step 4

Once everything is ready, we send you the official documents of your Company together with your Bank Card



Pack Boite US (EN)

We are a firm of lawyers, accountants and Ecommerce experts (some of us have worked at Amazon and Paysera in the past).


We’ve come together to offer a full range of services to Ecommerce sellers: Action Plans, NNN Contracts, Offshore Companies, Banking, Accounting, Materials Analysis to copy competitors’ products, Website Design and SMS Advertising are our main services.


We develop strong personal relationships with our partners, enabling us to outperform the competition.


We have several company offices: Bulgaria, USA and Hong Kong.

Today, a US company is the best option for optimizing the taxation of an online business.


A DELAWARE company can serve as a holding or operating company.


In addition to a 0% tax rate on profits, DELAWARE protects the anonymity of its members, and the “LLC” legal form enables you to carry out a wide range of activities with the same company: whether it’s a product or a service, you can sell just about anything you want with such a company.


An American company has a solid reputation for Marketplaces, payment processors and banks, these 3 types of partners being necessary for any online business these days.

As soon as we accept your profile, we undertake to complete your Company within the allotted time* and to register your bank account, as well as to send you the Blue Card to the address you have given us.


(*see Contract – deadlines may vary from one season to another)