Consult a Fenchell Expert for your business


    Consult a Fenchell Expert for your Business


    Our team, composed of former Amazon employees and lawyers, offers you all its expertise through the creation of accounts on the Marketplaces, the drafting of Plan of Action and NNN Commercial Contracts, the registration of offshore companies and strategic advice on all aspects of an online business:


    Marketplace, Logistics, Tax Optimization, Intellectual Property, among others.



    The leading edge of information

    Each of our consultants has a dynamic expertise – constantly updated, as we are constantly facing new challenges as the wheels of globalization grind.


    Our consultants have close and personal relationships with lawyers, accountants, bankers, marketplaces managers, telephone operators, logisticians, analytical laboratories and web developers.


    This constant updating of our know-how is all the more crucial for us as Fenchell is first and foremost an e-commerce company that sells its own products on three continents.


    Some of our staff are not Fenchell employees and work for large corporations or run their own businesses.





    There is no problem, only solutions.


    Our Business team is qualified to provide advice on setting up an offshore company, opening bank accounts, as well as on sourcing, importing, storing and distributing your goods


    Our E-Commerce,experts, including former employees of Amazon Ireland and Emag, are today’s leading specialists in the creation of seller accounts on Marketplaces.


    We offer consulting in material analysis (glass, plastics, metals, creams and perfumes) and interpretation of results (characterization – deformation), provided by our expert who previously worked at Eurofins.


    Our WEBSMS  team is at your disposal to provide you with exhaustive advice on the creation and management of a showcase or e-commerce site, as well as on the sending of SMS in the European Union from rented contacts or from your own database.


    Drafting of NNN Agreements Contract
    bank fenchell
    Creation of offshore bank accounts …

    Import – Export – Customs …
    Company fenchell


    Registration of Offshore Companies

    Chemical Analysis and Interpretation


    SMS routing / Contact database rental




    Our rate for 1 hour: 250

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    Consulting (EN)

    The consultation will be done via Skype / Zoom / WhatsApp or Telegram. It can be a call or a chat conversation.


    We can also rely on screen sharing through


    Although our service is defined as a Consultation, it can also take the form of a written report of several pages, depending on your needs.


    In the case of a call, a chat or a report, the languages used are:
    (English / French / Mandarin / Japanese / Bulgarian / Turkish)

    We take Consultations from 1h00, this can be cumulated over several hours, depending on your needs.

    Our advice is usually aimed at seasoned entrepreneurs or well-established companies.


    However, our experts know how to adapt to beginners, and we are more and more inclined to offer our services to young companies.