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    The suspension of your seller account often means a complete halt to your business activity.


    Cdsicount requires an Plan of action, which can be a complex challenge.


    A Plan of action is an exhaustive document spanning several dozen pages, including detailed strategies, legal references, citations of Cdiscount’s rules, as well as invoices and brand authorization letters, among others.


    Our value-added does not solely reside in our technical expertise; our clients particularly value our empathy and ongoing support. We offer you attentive listening and constant support throughout this ordeal, treating all shared information with the strictest confidentiality and utmost respect. We understand the importance of your seller account to you, at this moment.
    That’s why our team is immediately available via Chat at the bottom left of your screen to start reviewing your account for free.


    The suspensions imposed by Cdiscount aim to test the resilience and reliability of sellers, through the solidity of their arguments, thereby proving their worthiness to sell on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.



    We have direct connections with account managers at Cdiscount Octopia,
    It’s time to show them that you’re up to the job…
    And at Fenchell, we know exactly what they want to hear.


    +450 Accounts activated/reactivated

    95% of our Customers get their account back




    Our 6 commitments for your Cdiscount Plan of Action:

    Free exam of your case
    48 hours
    48H delivery
    Money Back IconReinstated or Refunded
    2 months follow-up
    organization structure
    Escalation of your case to Cdiscount Managers
    Team available 24/7




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    Plan d'Action CDISCOUNT (en)

    The Cdiscount Plan of Action is structured in 3 parts, it is written in English, requires an in-depth knowledge of Cdiscount’s rules and laws, as well as a thorough diagnosis of the seller’s faults.


    Be careful, Cdiscount will only ever point out one fault the seller made, even if in reality several grievances have been detected by the platform.


    For example, if the seller sells through Dropshipping (which is forbidden) and that at the same time the delivery performances are bad, Cdiscount will suspend the account of this seller, with only one announced reason:


    • Either a message concerning Dropshipping
    • Either a message concerning the delivery performances


    However, all faults must be mentioned and reported in the Cdiscount Plan of Action, otherwise the Plan of Action will be considered null, and the seller’s account will remain suspended.

    The Cdiscount Plan Of Action takes the form of a self-criticism and allows for the presentation of a new strategy to Cdiscount, which helps to regain the trust of the platform, and for the seller, to find the way back to sales.

    It also demonstrates to Cdiscount that the seller is fully aware of the platform’s rules and regulations as well as the laws and standards that apply to the products sold.

    The Cdiscount Plan of Action is a document required to reactivate a seller-account or a product listing, in case of suspension by Cdiscount.


    The Cdiscount Plan Of Action is a document written in English where the seller denounces the mistakes he made on the platform, and announces the corrections he will implement to avoid repeating these mistakes.


    If the Plan of Action is convincing, Cdiscount reactivates the seller’s account or product listing.

    No, but you, you can refuse to try to make an appeal.


    After filling out our free form, you will receive within 24 hours – and often much faster – our opinion regarding your chances of success.


    You will then decide whether or not to proceed with the purchase of a Fenchell Cdiscount Plan of Action.

    We act like lawyers, with discernment and rigor, in order to maximize your chances of success.


    If you follow all our instructions, send the Plan of Action we have written without making any modifications, and if after trying to contact Cdiscount the situation does not change within 30 days, we will give you a full refund, regardless of your case.


    Please note that we may ask you for proofs of your attempts to contact Cdiscount.


    Also be aware that even if you have done everything right, Cdiscount has the right to not reactivate your account or listing, without justification, as stated in their rules that all sellers agreed to when they created their account.


    Please keep in mind that the number of appeals (attempts to unlock your account or product listing) is limited.

    After a while, Cdiscount will stop responding to your requests and leave your account abandoned.

    Therefore, do not attempt this by yourselves or use questionable service providers who do not offer any guarantees.

    The types of cases we handle for Cdiscount Plans of Action are :


    Shipping issues
    Activation issues
    Multiple accounts
    Suspended Listing
    Performance issues
    Intellectual property infringement
    Non-approved or non-activated credit card

    Cdiscount can suspend a seller’s account or product listing for violations of the platform’s rules – either proven or suspected!