Open your French company online

Fenchell takes care of
everything for you:

We register your SAS in Paris;
Open a business Bank account for you;
Send you your Business Bank Card;
Setup your accounting and VAT.

Benefits of a French company


Up to 0% tax on profits




An SAS is accepted across all major marketplaces




Sell Products
or Services




You can raise funds even if you are a foreigner


European Marketplaces
open their doors to your SAS

Amazon, Cdiscount, ManoMano, Allegro, Ebay, Castorama, Emag…


  Conquer Europe 

  • The best logistics in Europe:

– Leverage France’s optimal logistics network, with access to 6 borders, 2 seas, and 1 ocean, positioning your business at the heart of European trade.

  • A unique banking system:

– Benefit from one of the world’s most efficient banking systems, offering low lending rates and flexible fund transfer options. Manage sales across 27 European countries and streamline fund repatriation through a single French bank account.

7 Advantages of opening an SAS Company with Fenchell

  1. All procedures are carreid out online
  2. Up to 0% tax on profits
  3. Powerful bank card that can be used anywhere
  4. Comes with official proof of business domicile, necessary to open accounts on marketplaces
  5. French telephone line accessible worldwide for SMS verifications and calls
  6. Have your company and bank account operational within 30 days
  7. Fenchell contact essential service providers on your behalf, including accountants, banks, telecom operators, and tax authorities

Fenchell’s Offer 

French Company Creation PACK:

Company fenchell

Registration of your SAS

manager nominee fenchell

A dedicated, French-speaking Fenchell agent

bank fenchell

A business bank account

credit-card fenchell

A company-named bank card, usable everywhere

vat fenchell

Intracommunity VAT number and OSS extension for transactions within 27 European countries

EORI fenchell

EORI number to import your goods into the EU

Address fenchell

A prestigious company address in Paris, including monthly utility bills

Phone Call

A French cell phone number, accessible globally through an internet browser

IP Address

A private browser and dedicated French static IP for secure marketplace connections



Prefer to set up your French company yourself? –

Follow our comprehensive step-by-step guide, including partnerships to facilitate the process and reduce the costs.

Guide price:


French Company – EN

Two options are available to you:

1. Either you wish to entrust us with the entire operation for peace of mind and to ensure everything is impeccably done.


2. Or you prefer to register your company and its attributes on your own through our partners, in which case we have designed an ultra-complete tutorial. 


And if you want to discuss it, we are available in the Chat on the left!

Absolutely, it’s perfectly legal. 


Creating a bank account might take a bit of time if you are a foreigner, however, by working with us and unlike competing law firms, we will work on your business plan which we will present to our partner investment bank.


Your bank account will be opened with a prestigious business bank in Paris, and you’ll have a bank card in your company’s name. 

Yes, there is no need to travel to France. 


Identity checks will, of course, need to be conducted, and we will explain every detail to prepare you thoroughly. 

Everything will be done comfortably from your home, and in 2 – 3 weeks, your Company is ready

Using a Chinese or Indian company to create a seller account, you have less than a 20% chance of successfully registering on EU Marketplaces. 


With a French company, you have a 99% chance of successful registration on EU Marketplaces. 


The European Union is the region of the world with the strictest controls and the highest quality standards. Marketplaces are much more comfortable working with sellers whose companies are local, even if they are led by foreign entrepreneurs, rather than working with foreign companies that could endanger their clients and create all sorts of problems for their reputations. 


Open your French company now in Paris on one of the most prestigious streets in the world, and start registering on all the Marketplaces you want… 

Absolutely, this is indeed what makes our offer strong, everything is in place for you to start selling immediately on the Marketplaces, and especially for you to last on the Marketplaces. 


Because in case of control, for example from Amazon, you must be able to provide a document justifying the operation of a workspace at your company’s address (Water, Electricity, Internet – Utility bills).


Every month, our partner will send you a real invoice, proving that your company is domiciled, and enabling you to cover yourself against Marketplace controls. 


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