Opening a bank account or company remotely as a foreign citizen is no longer possible, even if you buy an existing company, you have to move or use a nominee director who officially occupies the role of director of the company, without actually managing it.


Banks require a Bulgarian citizen with permanent residence and a good reputation.


The Nominee-Director is bound to us by his contract, and puts his identity documents and person at our disposal during meetings with marketplaces or banks, or even the authorities if necessary.


The administrator is “rented” for the life of your company, and if the administrator leaves our company for any reason, a new administrator, whom we also manage, will be immediately assigned to your Company.


This means that your identity remains hidden from the Bulgarian authorities and, more generally, increases your security and reduces your personal risk.


Of course, we also protect our employee in the role of director against possible fraud, and we pay close attention to the use of your company and bank accounts, as the director is criminally liable and covers you in the event of problems.


In addition to company and bank accounts, we also register your company for tax and VAT purposes throughout the European Union.

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