This is absolutely impossible, as the Nominee-director is bound by an employment contract with us, which stipulates that he cannot act against the interests of the Customer or our Company, and he also risks imprisonment if he violates the rules of the contract, and a fine of several hundred thousand euros in the event of embezzlement.


What’s more, the Nominee-director will never have access to your bank accounts or credit cards, as this information is confidential and credit cards will be sent by our security service directly to your home, in a secure envelope with “high value” insurance.


The nominee-director cannot withdraw your funds, as he has no knowledge of the codes or name of the company he represents.


In addition, we open several bank accounts for your company, including online bank accounts, which enable you to store your cash and remain inaccessible to anyone except you, who can link your telephone number to these accounts, for example.


Finally, we have agreements and well-developed personal relationships with bankers who live in our city.


They know our company and our Business Center, our nominee-directors are our employees and are under our control.


We choose people who have a stable situation.

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