Open your Bulgarian company remotely
and conquer all marketplaces of the 28 European Union countries

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Become a sustainable market leader with a strong Bulgarian company optimized for import-export and online business :


 Only 10% statutory tax on profits

And 5.00% on dividends

A double record in Europe



A bank account in a reputable local bank
A bank card in the name of your Bulgarian company, usable everywhere



 An authentic Utility Bill of domiciliation of your Company
necessary to open all your accounts Marketplaces 



A European Union company guarantees a high level of respectability from the Marketplaces


Europe without Limits

448 million consumers to conquer in the E.U

300 million more with the neighboring countries !

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  Discover Bulgaria !

Bordering Turkey and Greece, Bulgaria, with a population of 7 million, is a country with many advantages:

  • It recently joined the European Union, a political and economic free trade union zone with a GDP of USD 15,000 billion
  • It benefits from solid relations with its powerful neighbors
  • The cheapest electricity in Europe and gas and oil at very advantageous rates
  • Modern infrastructure and fast connections from modern airports
  • A qualified workforce, yet the cheapest in the European Union
  • A very soft taxation and very low social charges
  • Advanced telecommunication, each city has 5G and optical fiber
  • A rich history! Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in the world, Plovdiv, the second city of the country, is more than 6000 years old, many Greek and Roman ruins are regularly discovered
  • An industry turned towards tourism, plastic surgery, aeronautics, beauty, fashion, textile and pharmaceutical
  • For all these advantages, Bulgaria regularly sees the arrival of factories (Airbus, Louis Vuitton, Volkswagen) and investors from all over the world.

For all these advantages, Bulgaria regularly sees the arrival of factories (Airbus, Louis Vuitton, Volkswagen) and investors from all over the world

9 Advantages of a Bulgarian company with Fenchell : –

  1. Taxation10% (lowest tax rate in Europe)
  2. Real utility bills in the name of your Bulgarian company (telephone bills)
  3. Real Bulgarian Bank account with Bank card in the name of the company – useable everywhere
  4. All procedures are done online !
  5. VAT + OSS + EORI numbers at preferential prices
  6. Access to the cheapest storage and parcel preparation in Europe
  7. High resale value of your Bulgarian company after several years
  8. Less than < 60 days to register your company and get your Bank account
  9. High level of respectability on E-commerce platforms, easier to open your accounts on marketplaces and other bank accounts

Fenchell’s Offer 

Bulgarian Company Creation

All Inclusive PACK :

Company fenchell OOD Company (Limited liability company)   manager nominee fenchell Nominee-director included – Bulgarian citizen representing your business in Bulgaria bank fenchell Bank account in a local bank in Bulgaria
credit-card fenchell Bank card in the name of your company, usable everywhere vat fenchell VAT number in Bulgaria and VAT extension (OSS) in the 27 other states of EU EORI fenchell EORI number to import your goods in the whole EU
Address fenchell Physical Bulgarian address in our Business-Center or in a partner Business-Center Phone Call Bulgarian telephone number to receive banks and e-commerce platforms’ access codes Address Dedicated proxy to be able to connect from anywhere in the world to your Fenchell-space and to your bank account  

3500 euros



maintenance fee:

3500 euros*

(12 months commitment, renewed at your request)


*The monthly maintenance includes :


  • Monthly accounting – Including tax returns and entry/exit transactions.
    Balance sheets are available each month in your Fenchell Client Area.
    5x invoices are included in your monthly maintenance. For each additional invoice, an extra fee will be charged.
  • Monthly Accounting – Our accountant accesses your Bulgarian business bank account and does the tax declaration and payments to tax authorities on your behalf.
  • Rental fee of your business address – With scanning of the mails you receive also included (scans will be stored in your Fenchell Client Area)
  • Bulgarian cell phone line – To receive activation codes from banks and marketplaces.
  • Monthly internet bill. – This bill proves to the marketplaces that your company is legitimate, this document is required when creating accounts on marketplaces like Amazon or Cdiscount, or even to open accounts in some banks.
  • Fenchell customer support fee – available every day on our Chat or by Email.

Options –

  • Additional invoices for accounting: 15 euros / invoice
  • Sworn translation of invoices or other documents: 180 euros / page

How to Order your Bulgarian Company –

Step 1

Send us all the documents requested in this list


Step 2

We prepare your contract send you the invoice to pay by bank transfer or credit card


Step 3

After payment verification, we launch the registration of your company and your bank account, then your tax number


Step 4

When everything is ready on our side, we send you your bank card and all the official documents of your company.


Step 5

Your European adventure begins here. Create your accounts on all European Marketplaces !


Bulgarian Company – EN

The monthly maintenance fees are composed of incompressible costs, in particular the social security of the nominee-director, which is compulsory and based on a fixed rate calculated on the minimum wage in force in Bulgaria, as well as the internet and cell phone costs.


Accounting is also more complex than in other countries, and its cost is not negotiable. Accountants are organized in unions here, as are lawyers, who organize themselves to decide on minimum prices for their services. 


VAT and OSS (its extension in other European countries), represent costs at the time of registration and declarations.


The management of the address (notarization of the documents of this address as well as the rent), the opening of the mails and their scans, are also labor costs. 


Finally, the nominee-director, in addition to the social security, receives a salary from our company which includes the renting of his identity for the benefit of your Bulgarian company. 


The nominee-director is dedicated to one company only, he/she cannot represent the company of any other client.

Payment – bank transfer / credit card

The payment of the monthly installments is to be paid on presentation of the invoice each month, by credit card or bank transfer.


This invoice is composed of the fixed price due each month with or without the activity of your company, and the supplements invoiced, such as optional invoices or taxes to be paid on your profits or the tax on dividends.

We will tell you where to pay your bill, indeed some payment processors refuse to cover this service for foreigners.


Stripe, Payoneer, bank transfer are all options we offer, we accept BGN, RMB, USD, HKD and EURO.

Our entire team is at your disposal via our chat and email, we commit to respond within 24 hours, but often we respond within one hour.


We communicate in Bulgarian, English, French, and we currently hire Chinese speakers to increase your comfort.

Presenting your invoices and other documents every month is necessary for the realization of the balance sheets and is mandatory.


Without that we will not be able to work correctly and you risk litigations with the tax authorities.


Paying your invoices to Fenchell on time is of course mandatory. 


We are open-minded and want you to succeed in your business, so we are very tolerant of your goods or activities, however, if you commit fraud or present a danger to our company and therefore to our Nominee-director, we give ourselves the right to stop working with you. We will always talk to you first if we decide to do so.


Let’s develop a relationship of trust where there are no secrets! If you have any questions, come and talk to us. We are here to help you !

In case of refusal from the bank to open your bank account for your company, we undertake to reimburse you for your entire purchase.


To maximize the success rate we negotiate the opening of your company’s accounts in the 4 best banks in the country, but also with foreign banks and online services.


If several banks agree to open the accounts for your company, we will offer you the opening in these banks accordingly, and you can decide to keep all of them, so as to protect yourself from the risk of account closure that would jeopardize your business.


Generally speaking, in business we always recommend diversifying your accounts and your fundraising solutions in order to protect yourself in case of bank failure, freezing of your assets due to international sanctions, or simply to prevent hacking.


Concerning the account opening on marketplaces, we cannot guarantee it, because it depends on exogenous factors like your past on these marketplaces, or the history of the brands you sell, or the internal policies of each marketplace.


In our experience, Bulgaria has an excellent reputation and sellers open their accounts on marketplaces without any difficulty, provided they have a team member on site and provide real documents : utility bills of the company, real bank statements in physical and local banks, use of a local mobile number.


We do not offer refunds if one or more marketplaces refuse your application with or without using your Bulgarian company.


If you want to guarantee your account opening with or without your Bulgarian company, we offer account opening services on several marketplaces. Contact us for more information.

This is entirely possible, but it’s a different proposition.


In this case, our Nominee Director also becomes the company’s official shareholder, which fundamentally changes the nature of the company.


A specific contract is therefore drawn up to stipulate that you are effectively the owner of the company that our employee holds for you.


We can create this type of arrangement and “rent” you your own company – contact us directly for this special offer!

You can simply make transfers to your foreign company or to your personal accounts, or withdraw your money from your country using your bank cards.


Each action is accounted for and justified in the balance sheets, so remember to group your withdrawals or transfers together, and to name your actions.


You can, of course, pay your goods and all your suppliers with your Bulgarian company.


Your bank accounts are available in English.

Yes. As we have just seen, if your company is already generating revenue, and has a very high market value, Fenchell can offer to buy your company at the end of your contract, as well as the accounts on the Marketplaces.


Typically we buy out companies at 8x their monthly profit as well as their assets, such as marketplaces accounts and trademarks. But we can spend more depending on the case.


For example, if your company generates 15,000 euros of monthly profit, we can offer you between 120,000 and 150,000 euros.


We can also offer you to sell your company at an action we will organize gathering several buyers. We will then take a commission on the sale, and we will take care of the contracts, bank fees and notary fees.


It is in our interest and yours to pay all taxes and keep your Bulgarian company in good standing, as the resale value of a profitable and honest company increases considerably, as buyers invest more in a company that is not threatened by legal proceedings, and has a sound history and traceability.


We can also close your accounts and your company permanently, upon your request, the remaining money is then moved to the accounts designated for such withdrawal.

This is absolutely impossible, as the Nominee-director is bound by an employment contract with us, which stipulates that he cannot act against the interests of the Customer or our Company, and he also risks imprisonment if he violates the rules of the contract, and a fine of several hundred thousand euros in the event of embezzlement.


What’s more, the Nominee-director will never have access to your bank accounts or credit cards, as this information is confidential and credit cards will be sent by our security service directly to your home, in a secure envelope with “high value” insurance.


The nominee-director cannot withdraw your funds, as he has no knowledge of the codes or name of the company he represents.


In addition, we open several bank accounts for your company, including online bank accounts, which enable you to store your cash and remain inaccessible to anyone except you, who can link your telephone number to these accounts, for example.


Finally, we have agreements and well-developed personal relationships with bankers who live in our city.


They know our company and our Business Center, our nominee-directors are our employees and are under our control.


We choose people who have a stable situation.

Opening a bank account or company remotely as a foreign citizen is no longer possible, even if you buy an existing company, you have to move or use a nominee director who officially occupies the role of director of the company, without actually managing it.


Banks require a Bulgarian citizen with permanent residence and a good reputation.


The Nominee-Director is bound to us by his contract, and puts his identity documents and person at our disposal during meetings with marketplaces or banks, or even the authorities if necessary.


The administrator is “rented” for the life of your company, and if the administrator leaves our company for any reason, a new administrator, whom we also manage, will be immediately assigned to your Company.


This means that your identity remains hidden from the Bulgarian authorities and, more generally, increases your security and reduces your personal risk.


Of course, we also protect our employee in the role of director against possible fraud, and we pay close attention to the use of your company and bank accounts, as the director is criminally liable and covers you in the event of problems.


In addition to company and bank accounts, we also register your company for tax and VAT purposes throughout the European Union.

We use a Bulgarian citizen, who is our employee, as a nominee director for your company, who is one of our employees.


This person is dedicated to your company and holds the position of company director.


The Director has the power to open bank accounts with us and partner banks, as well as to open telephone and Internet accounts for you, and to authenticate official documents.


However, the Director is bound to secrecy and has no power during the life of your company. You are the sole owner of the company.

Yes, we are the first law and accountancy firm to offer such a comprehensive service in the best tax haven in the European Union. 


Until recently, Estonia and Ireland were the best places to set up a company, but this has changed with the change in banking and tax policies.


No provider has ever offered a package that includes not only the companies, but also the bank accounts with bank cards, the Nominee-Director, and above all the company’s real internet invoices, essential for creating your accounts on the marketplaces. 


We’re the first to create such a comprehensive offering, and our competitors refuse to take such risks, especially at this price. 

For our part, we’re counting on a growing number of customers to consolidate our profitability, and we’re banking on Bulgaria’s growing strategic position to consolidate our position as number 1 in the sector.

A Bulgarian company is by far the best option for creating all the accounts you want on European and other marketplaces, to sell your products online, without moving from home for the following reasons:

The 10% tax on corporate profits is an absolute record in Europe, and the 5% tax on dividends is a second record. 


Bulgaria is already in the European Union, and is also preparing to join the Schengen area and the Euro, which will boost its competitiveness and the speed with which goods move. 


But that’s not all: Bulgarian banks are reputed to be among the strictest in the world, but also among the most solid (solvency index calculated on the basis of shareholders’ equity and investments). 


They have a good reputation in the various marketplaces. 


Bulgaria is innovating in terms of logistics and robotization, and is gradually becoming a major logistics center for imports and e-commerce. 


All these advantages give a Bulgarian company real resale value, meaning that a company with a good track record will be easily resold to Bulgarian citizens or foreigners wishing to take advantage of the solidity and reputation of a Bulgarian entity for their own business.

We are a firm of lawyers, accountants and ecommerce experts (some of us have worked at Amazon and Paysera in the past). 


We have come together to offer a full range of services for Ecommerce sellers: Action Plans, NNN Contracts, Offshore Companies, Banking, Accounting, Material Analysis to copy competitors’ products, Website creation and SMS advertising are our main services. 


We develop very strong personal relationships with our partners, and this leads us to outperform the competition.


We have several companies: Bulgaria, USA and Hong Kong.


The team that manages the Bulgarian companies works from Bulgaria at the following address: « BUSINESS CENTER FENCHELL, POBEDA 25, 4003, PLOVDIV « . We will be glad to welcome you anytime in our offices !