The monthly maintenance fees are composed of incompressible costs, in particular the social security of the nominee-director, which is compulsory and based on a fixed rate calculated on the minimum wage in force in Bulgaria, as well as the internet and cell phone costs.


Accounting is also more complex than in other countries, and its cost is not negotiable. Accountants are organized in unions here, as are lawyers, who organize themselves to decide on minimum prices for their services. 


VAT and OSS (its extension in other European countries), represent costs at the time of registration and declarations.


The management of the address (notarization of the documents of this address as well as the rent), the opening of the mails and their scans, are also labor costs. 


Finally, the nominee-director, in addition to the social security, receives a salary from our company which includes the renting of his identity for the benefit of your Bulgarian company. 


The nominee-director is dedicated to one company only, he/she cannot represent the company of any other client.

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