A Bulgarian company is by far the best option for creating all the accounts you want on European and other marketplaces, to sell your products online, without moving from home for the following reasons:

The 10% tax on corporate profits is an absolute record in Europe, and the 5% tax on dividends is a second record. 


Bulgaria is already in the European Union, and is also preparing to join the Schengen area and the Euro, which will boost its competitiveness and the speed with which goods move. 


But that’s not all: Bulgarian banks are reputed to be among the strictest in the world, but also among the most solid (solvency index calculated on the basis of shareholders’ equity and investments). 


They have a good reputation in the various marketplaces. 


Bulgaria is innovating in terms of logistics and robotization, and is gradually becoming a major logistics center for imports and e-commerce. 


All these advantages give a Bulgarian company real resale value, meaning that a company with a good track record will be easily resold to Bulgarian citizens or foreigners wishing to take advantage of the solidity and reputation of a Bulgarian entity for their own business.

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