In case of refusal from the bank to open your bank account for your company, we undertake to reimburse you for your entire purchase.


To maximize the success rate we negotiate the opening of your company’s accounts in the 4 best banks in the country, but also with foreign banks and online services.


If several banks agree to open the accounts for your company, we will offer you the opening in these banks accordingly, and you can decide to keep all of them, so as to protect yourself from the risk of account closure that would jeopardize your business.


Generally speaking, in business we always recommend diversifying your accounts and your fundraising solutions in order to protect yourself in case of bank failure, freezing of your assets due to international sanctions, or simply to prevent hacking.


Concerning the account opening on marketplaces, we cannot guarantee it, because it depends on exogenous factors like your past on these marketplaces, or the history of the brands you sell, or the internal policies of each marketplace.


In our experience, Bulgaria has an excellent reputation and sellers open their accounts on marketplaces without any difficulty, provided they have a team member on site and provide real documents : utility bills of the company, real bank statements in physical and local banks, use of a local mobile number.


We do not offer refunds if one or more marketplaces refuse your application with or without using your Bulgarian company.


If you want to guarantee your account opening with or without your Bulgarian company, we offer account opening services on several marketplaces. Contact us for more information.

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