Yes. As we have just seen, if your company is already generating revenue, and has a very high market value, Fenchell can offer to buy your company at the end of your contract, as well as the accounts on the Marketplaces.


Typically we buy out companies at 8x their monthly profit as well as their assets, such as marketplaces accounts and trademarks. But we can spend more depending on the case.


For example, if your company generates 15,000 euros of monthly profit, we can offer you between 120,000 and 150,000 euros.


We can also offer you to sell your company at an action we will organize gathering several buyers. We will then take a commission on the sale, and we will take care of the contracts, bank fees and notary fees.


It is in our interest and yours to pay all taxes and keep your Bulgarian company in good standing, as the resale value of a profitable and honest company increases considerably, as buyers invest more in a company that is not threatened by legal proceedings, and has a sound history and traceability.


We can also close your accounts and your company permanently, upon your request, the remaining money is then moved to the accounts designated for such withdrawal.

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