Material Composition Chemicals Analysis


    Chemical analysis of materials allows you to uncover the secrets behind the materials used in your competitor’s product, in order to match or surpass its quality.




    In the world of ecommerce, the situation often unfolds as follows:

    A niche market is dominated by a product whose quality wins over everyone, while the following competitors source their products from the same factories, with the same OEM products.

    At first glance, these products may appear nearly identical, with the only distinguishing feature being a sticker displaying their brand.

    However, despite their similar design, these competing products are typically of significantly inferior quality compared to the number one product, not to mention their striking resemblance to one another.



    To dominate your niche,
    identify the weaknesses of your own product by comparing it to the leader’s through chemical analysis:


    Comparing a competitor’s product to yours through real-world usage tests and resistance tests will objectively demonstrate its superiority in terms of quality. However, that alone will not be enough to identify the element responsible for that quality.

    If you don’t understand the underlying reasons for the difference in quality between the two products, you won’t be able to make improvements to your own product.


    The quality of a product is based on its design, assembly, and most importantly, the choice of materials used.


    If your competitor’s product has superior quality and sells better, it is very likely because the materials they use are also of higher quality.




    Fenchell analyzes and breaks down the material used by your competitor, revealing all its secrets at the lowest price in Europe.


    Our Internal Procedure:


    1. We receive your sample in our laboratory and prepare it for testing.
    2. Your sample is then divided into several pieces to undergo multiple tests.
    3. Depending on the material, samples may undergo various tests such as chemical analysis, microscopy, gasification, magnetic field testing, etc.
    4. We synthesize the information gathered from multiple tests and generate an analysis report.
    5. This report is then reviewed by our materials expert, who provides a 90% certainty characterization of the material.
    6. You will receive the complete report via email, including the name of the researched material.



    Our partner laboratories in Bulgaria are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment:





    1. Prepare your sample

    2. Our delivery person collects the sample from your premises

    3. 29 days later, you will receive the test report


    Plastics :



    Liquids :



    Metals :



    Glasses :



    Creams :




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    Analyse Chimique (EN)

    To find out the name of the materials your competitor uses in his product, you can try to find his supplier, and ask for information about the materials used.


    If you can’t find the supplier, or if the supplier is bound by confidentiality clauses signed via a NNN Contract like the ones we write, you will have to go through the Analysis on Materials with Deformation to find out the exact composition, and deduce the name of the material used.

    We guarantee 90% of the name of the component found in your sample (or components / molecules).


    If after accepting your purchase and receiving your sample, and after performing all our tests, we are under 90% identification of the material in your sample (or materials and molecules), we will refund within two weeks 90% of the amount you paid for your purchase.


    Some components are made in such a way that it is almost impossible to detect all the molecules, therefore we cannot always break down a sample perfectly.