Fenchell registers your Amazon seller account


    Fenchell registers your Amazon seller account, for you

    Fenchell registers your Amazon seller account, our team composed of former Amazon employees and lawyers, provides you with all its expertise through the creation of accounts on the Marketplaces, the drafting of Plan of Action and NNN Commercial Contracts, the Registration of Offshore Companies and Strategic Consultations dealing with all aspects of an online business:

    Marketplace, Logistics, Tax, Intellectual Property, among others.


    Send us your documents,
    and we will register your seller account on Amazon

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    Why should I trust Fenchell to open a sales account?

    Creating a seller’s account on Amazon has become a delicate operation over the last 2 years, especially since the opening of the marketplace to countries considered as

    In addition to having strengthened controls at account creation and throughout the life of the sales path, Amazon is in the habit of abandoning seller accounts that have failed to register, so that it is almost impossible to close them, and therefore to start over properly with the opening of a seller account by the applicant company.


    The company in question is therefore unable to sell on Amazon.

    Forums like Amazon’s Seller-Central are full of testimonials in this sense.




    Our 6 commitments for your Amazon Seller Account

    Free examination of your profile
    Company fenchell


    Preparation of your documents (Retouching, Scans, Printing, Compression, Conversion etc …)

    Account Activated or 90% Refunded

    Follow-up on 30 days after account registration

    We always work from a blank IP address, from specialized browsers

    Team reachable H24 via chat


    Let’s go !

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    Service Créa Compte AMAZON (EN)

    We use advanced connection techniques, as well as document preparation tricks, to make the documents submitted to Amazon even more credible.


    We first make sure to follow the rules of the Amazon Platform, and answer all their questions on your behalf.


    When everything is ready, we proceed to the account handover, i.e. we disconnect our logs (IP, phone, emails), to hand over the account to you once the operations are finished.
    You will be able to take over the sales account and start selling.


    If you have any questions, our team is waiting for you in the chat room on the left.

    We cannot do the video interview for the person whose identity is registered on the passport or ID card sent to Amazon.


    However, we will help you to get all the right answers beforehand.
    It is up to you to prepare your arrival on Amazon and to be consistent in your strategy.


    If you want a seller’s account on a marketplace as well as a company and bank accounts where your name does not appear anywhere, please write to us in the Chat at the bottom left, and visit our “Business” tab, we offer offshore companies, as well as the creation of accounts on marketplaces, covered by a nominee acting for you.

    We only support businesses that have the necessary documents to create an account with Amazon.


    To find out what documents you need to create an Amazon account and how to get them, please schedule an appointment here with one of our experts.
    You can also get the Amazon Account Creation Guideline, which helps you understand the registration process and the list of required documents.


    Once you have all the documents, we can proceed to register your account with Amazon.


    If you have any questions, our team is waiting for you in the chat room on the left.

    After payment, we commit to register and activate your Amazon seller account within 60 days, once all the necessary documents have been provided to us.


    If, despite our best efforts, Amazon refuses your profile, we will refund 90% of your purchase within 7 days.

    60 days maximum, but most of the time Amazon registers and activates an account within 3 weeks, however in the case of an offshore company, these delays can be extended.
    The countdown starts from the moment we have received all your documents.


    If you have any questions, our team is waiting for you in the chat on the left.

    All countries are available, however it is recommended to open a first zone, for example Europe, to sell on it, and then several months later, ask for the extension of selling on other Amazon marketplaces.


    If you have any questions, our team is waiting for you in the chat room on the left.